Manabi Readerで日本語を勉強する (Learn Japanese with Manabi Reader)

この記事でManabi Readerというのアプリについて書く。Satori Readerに似ているこのアプリで日本語を勉強することが便利になる。まずホームページで色々な読み物を選べる。読み物は色々なジャンルから構成される。例えばニュースとかブログとかゲームもある。

In this article, I will be writing about an app called Manabi Reader. Similar to Satori Reader, this app allows you to learn Japanese conveniently. To begin with, there will be various reading materials for you to select from on the homepage. Furthermore, these reading materials are composed of various genres such as news, blogs and games.

Various articles are available for different reading levels.


If you click on the genre of your choosing, you will be able to see the list of articles available for that genre.

I wonder which one I should pick hmm…


Simply click on your desired article and you will be able to start reading it. Moreover, if you should ever come across an unknown word, you can just simply click on the word to conveniently reveal the meaning.

You will not be needing a dictionary in hand with this feature.


Additionally, the articles also look smooth and pleasing to the eyes on the app. To top it off, I also read that the developer of this app is rather dedicated towards the development of this app. As such, I am expecting even more content and features in the future. Having said that, if you have friends who would like to learn Japanese, I would recommend Manabi Reader.

The color scheme and words look really sleek on the app.

Satori Readerで英語と日本語を勉強する (Learn English and Japanese with Satori Reader)

今日の記Satori Readerについてだ。Satori Readerで日本語と英語も学べる。Ankiに似ていてSRS (Space Repetition System)で単語とか文法を練習するのに用いる。だけど、Ankiに比べて使い方はちょっと違う。

Today’s entry will be about Satori Reader. With Satori Reader, you will be able to learn both Japanese and English. Similar to Anki, it uses SRS (Space Repetition System) for the purpose of reviewing grammar, vocabulary and such. However, compared to Anki, the way to use it is slightly different.


To begin with, there will be various articles made available on the homepage. These articles come in various genres such as Fantasy, Fiction and even News. Simply click on the article that interests you most and you will be able to view it by chapters. I personally think that the fiction articles are particularly interesting.

satori reader
Satori Readerのフィクション記事が好きだ。
I love the fiction articles on Satori Reader.


Furthermore, if you ever come across an unknown word while reading, you can simply click on the word and the corresponding translation will appear.

satori reader


You can also do this for the whole sentence as well.

satori reader


Additionally, you can also add unknown words into your review collection. You will then be able to review these words based on the SRS algorithm.

satori reader
Extremely convenient feature for reviewing purposes.

ちなみに英語を勉強したいなら日本語の文章を英語に訳してSatori Readerの英語訳に比べた方がいい。Satori Readerは無料版とプレミアム版がある。アプリ版もある。英語と日本語を勉強したいならぜひやってみてください!

Incidentally, if you would like to study English instead, you should try translating the Japanese sentences into English and compare your translation with that of Satori Reader. Satori Reader comes in both free version and premium version. If you should ever feel like studying Japanese and English, please do give it a try!