RPA (Robotics Processing Automation)


この記事で私のRPAエンジニアとしては生活をシェアしたい。まずRPAというのはRobotics Processing Automationだ。簡単に言えば単純作業を減る為にオートメーションのテクノロジだ。


In this entry, I would like to share my life as an RPA Engineer with you. Firstly, RPA stands for Robotics Processing Automation. In layman’s terms, it is simply Automation Technology intended to reduce repetitive, manual tasks.

I have been doing RPA for roughly two years now. To begin with, 2 years ago, I was asked by my boss to look into this. Hence, I started doing constant research on RPA and learned a myriad of things.


Among all the projects that I have been involved in, the most notable one has got to be my latest project. I used tools such as Selenium and Blue Prism extensively to create the robot.

Created a robot using Blue Prism flowchart system.


First, the robot will head over to the specified banking website and download roughly 1000 data files on a daily basis. After that, all downloaded files will be transferred over to a comprehensive Excel template via Blue Prism. Additionally, you could also check the transferred data conveniently via a dashboard created by using Visual Basic.

You can check the processed data via the created dashboard.


I look forward to learning more about RPA. Would love to work in Japan as an RPA engineer in the future!

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