WaniKaniで漢字を学ぶ (Learn Kanji with WaniKani)


だけど、漢字を学べば学ぶほど利益はもっと見えたよ。特に、読書速度はどんど ん 早くなった。逆に今の私には記事とか本は漢字がないなら、面倒になる。草


A few years ago, I decided to start learning kanji. At the beginning, I actually hated kanji. I mean, being forced to use such complicated characters is such a hassle I thought.

However, the more I studied kanji, the more I saw the benefits of doing so. It especially helped with improving my reading speed. Heck, having learned kanji, my current self actually thinks it is a hassle if my Japanese reading materials do NOT contain kanji lol.

I personally think that kanji characters are a lot easier to learn compared to grammar.

Cute isn’t it?



On that note, I used WaniKani to study kanji. For an English-speaking person, WaniKani is an extremely convenient website.

To begin with, WaniKani teaches you kanji via the use of mnemonics. By doing so, kanji learning becomes way more engaging and fun. Let’s study kanji!

Came across this example while I was learning one of the kanji characters lol.


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Ankiで何でも覚えやすくなる (Easy memorisation with Anki)



Recently, I’ve been thinking that I should definitely be studying Japanese more. Thus, I decided to use Anki again. Anki is extremely convenient and useful. With Anki, everything becomes easier to memorise. For instance, Mathematical equations, language grammars and even new vocabularies.

At first, because I had barely any motivation to study, I only ever managed to improve my Japanese slightly before I quickly gave up on it. However, the more I got used to Anki, the more interesting my studies became. Now, I am learning new Japanese sentences everyday.

Depending on which button you press, the review frequency changes.


Conversely for the Japanese, you can also use this app to learn English instead. If you are interested in learning English, please do give this app a try!

By the way, this is my progress data so far. I am working hard everyday!


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