Clozemasterで言語の勉強 (Language studies with Clozemaster)


Today’s entry will be about Clozemaster. Clozemaster is an app for studying languages. At the moment, there are about 50+ languages for you to choose and create pairings from. For instance, the English -> Japanese combination will be a good choice for a Japanese person who wishes to study English.


The app is particularly easy to use. First, a sentence written in your first selected language will appear. After that, you will have to select the best answer out of all the possible listed choices. Regardless of whether you got the answer correctly or not, a native speaker will then read the sentence out loud for you. This way, you can improve both your vocabulary and listening skills as well.

This question is a bit easy though..


Additionally, your progress and achievements will also be recorded into the app itself. There is also a leaderboard!

I said it was easy earlier, but truth is, this is about the extent of my true ability lol


By the way, the app comes in both the free version and the premium version. For more details, please do look it up on the official Clozemaster website. To begin with, why don’t you try out the free version and see how it goes?

ぎゃくに日本人にはこの設定のほうがいい。(英語 → 日本語)
Conversely, this setting is probably better if you are Japanese and would like to learn English instead. (English →  Japanese)


On a side note, if you are interested in my Kanji learning and Vocabulary learning method, please do click on the respective links to learn more.